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The Naughty Elder




Arnold Emmanuel



The two children stared at Gregory moving his cake around with a fork.  They had already been sitting there for 15 minutes.  Everyone else’s plate was empty.  Except for Gregory’s.


“You know Gregory,” began Beth, one of the children, “we’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes and you are still stirring that cake around with your fork.”


“Yes!” exclaimed Dirk, the other child.  “It’s about time you ate it.  Candace has eaten all her cake.”


Candace smiled shyly.


Gregory sighed.  “But I’m not hungry anymore.”


Beth pointed her empty fork at him.  “Oh really!  Really!  Are you not hungry?  Or are you just in a hurry to watch National Geographic!”


“Ah!” exclaimed Dirk.  “So that’s his game is it!!”


“You are going to eat your cake like a good adult, Gregory, or else we are going to have to send you to your room and no National Geographic tonight?  Do you want to miss National Geographic??”




“Then,” continued Beth, “I suggest you stop being naughty and eat your cake.  If you eat all your cake then...maybe if you are still hungry later you can have carrot sticks and dip?”


Gregory put the whole piece of cake in his mouth quickly, chewed and swallowed.


“I say!” exclaimed Dirk.  “Don’t need to be a pig about it!”


“Can I have carrot sticks and dip now, daughter?  Can I?  Can I?” 


Dirk frowned.  “Apparently someone’s not full.”            


Gregory jumped off his chair and ran into the living room, turning on the tv.


“Old man, take your plate to the kitchen now!” screamed Beth.


Gregory ran back and took his dishes to the sink, then looked at Beth and Dirk.  “Can I watch National Geographic?”


Dirk rolled his eyes.  “Yes, you can watch National Geographic.”        



ARNOLD EMMANUEL resides in Edmonton, Alberta and works in a fast food restaurant. He finds time to write when he can.  Arnold's previous work on SHINE! is here and you may email him at



"The motivation for this story came from our writing group’s word of the week, which was naughty.  I wanted to put a different spin on it. "