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Amy George





  huddles in

   the shadow,

    where he’s left

     alone  in    peace.

      The coolness   and

       solitude   sit     in his

        bones,      and      weigh

         on his mind.     He wishes

          for a beam of light,  a  sliver

           of hope,     to    illuminate his

            goodness so that he would be seen

             as a treasure and less like the  circus

              side show,     (the freak show,  that is).

               He sits and waits, hands extended, unseen

                 tears      falling    on the  floor   of the empty

                 cavern of his neglected soul.   I think to myself,

                  God gave me  two hands  to help my fellow man.

                    May I use them to pull   him  out of   the shadows

                     and to his feet,  so we can both share the sunshine.



AMY GEORGE shares...


AMY GEORGE sees her poetry as an extension of herself, much of it coming from personal experience and raw emotion. She is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University and currently working towards her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at National University, with an emphasis on Poetry. She hopes to eventually teach creative writing at the undergraduate level. 


Her poetry was published in the October edition of Della Donna Webzine and will be appearing in this month's issue of The Orange Room Review. The Shine Journal has the distinct honor of having been the first, in May 2007, to publish AMY's work.

 "A Beam of Light was written because I have a heart for outcasts. Society overlooks those who are not popular, pretty, smart, athletic, whatever the case may be. We label them misfits, freaks, losers...and forget they are people who need love and acceptance the same way we do. I think a lot of tragedy could be avoided, like school shootings, if we would put down our judgements, even at a very basic level. "