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Where Poppies Grow






A. M. Pearce 







If the poppies grow no more

Across these barren fields

Will you move on away from here

In search of better yields?


Do you have the strength, the courage

To till the exhausted soil?

Is there enough of your love left

For the effort of the toil?


Are you tired of the work?

Do you wish for sunflowers instead?

Or daffodils and yellow roses

In place of seas of red?


The poppy seeds lay deep within

And dream of sunny skies

In hopes that you will heed their cry

And raise their petals high.







A. M. PEARCE shares...

A.M. PEARCE is an Australian author and poet who lives in Queensland with her husband and four children. Writing in a broad range of genres, she has had three short stories published with several more earmarked for future publication.
"Where Poppies Grow" is a metaphoric piece exploring the deep emotions and problems associated with mental illness in a relationship. This was a very personal and heartfelt poem written for my husband who shouldered many responsibilities when I became ill. My illness triggered depression and agrophobia which can cause a strain on any relationship, inspiring this piece."