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Sandra Anfang


Yoda: A Remembrance


Dreadlocks formed where you stopped grooming,
Shriveled ‘neath our vigilance
Only fur and bones remained.

As the muscle, flesh departed,
Your appetite and cry grew stouter.
You would caterwaul for food,
Hounding us to the can opener.

In just one day
You made your contemplated leap—
As if down from some garden wall-
From world to underworld.

I shut my eyes,
Put out the light,
Bleed tears into down pillows,
But frames of you keep floating up,
Like seaweed tendrils.

Newly planted, like spring bulbs
You won’t settle in your bed.
The essence of your three-pound body
Wafting up through musty earth,
Refuses to succumb.

I try again for sleep
But poems convene
Like bumblebees in purple bushes
Spreading twenty-three-year gossip.

These last few months
You'd hunker by me on the couch
A maiden aunt awaiting tea.

You'd not be caught there
In your youth,
Canvassing the hood,
Catboys at your side.
But lately, sweet remembrance,
We held hands shyly,
Like the roots of old redwoods
twining underground.

(c)Sandra Anfang

Bio: I am a teacher, writer, and painter living in a small  Northern California town. I find inspiration in odd places and  moments. I have been writing since high school. I love to watch  my students become writers. 


 My Motivation: My old cat, Yoda, died on Memorial  Day. He would have turned 24 on July 15. He was a great friend  and companion to me and my family,  since his kittenhood. He is  sorely missed.