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I Am From

























I am from a world of shattered hopes

and broken promises

a place where there is only punishment

– no rewards.

I once lived in a world of beauty

and disillusionment.

My ignorance now stolen from me,

I look to the outside

through impenetrable glass

wondering if I’ll ever be free

to choose for myself

to live my own life.

Does such a thing as freedom really exist?

Or is it just some sort of foreign mythical concept –

like heaven or the big bang theory?

I am from nowhere and everywhere.

I am from an alien planet

and fell to this place at birth

lost, confused and alone,

just wandering around, trying to get back home.

I wonder when I return – will you recognize me?



Facilitator OLGA CANDELARIO shares...


"This was done from an exercise we use regularly.  We read the poem by George Ella Lyons “Where I am From,” and then ask the women to write about where they are from...


This young lady took it to a different place. She was new to the group and actually only had a couple of weeks left on her sentence, but she punched it out very well. 


 It gives voice to the feeling of alienation that so many incarcerated women seem to have and yet ends with a wistful desire for recognition."   (Facilitator Olga Candelario)