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Artist In Residence MAUREEN RADONCIC, is based in Boston. She's a member of Brush Art Gallery and Fort Point Studios. Her first drawing was a self portrait at age 4 ½ and her kindergarten teacher wouldn’t display it with the others. " Because I put eyes in the front and back of my head; I have always had my own vision and endlessly cross my own lines," she tells SHINE!. 




"I adore faces-more specifically, how our life history is mapped by the faint lines that connect us and live on our faces.  I love and find much of my inspiration from black and white- film noir and silent slapstick comedy.  Each of my drawings can tell his/her own story if you listen."



Her website is under construction but soon you will be able to view her work in progress at She can be contacted at


Three Works By Maureen Radoncic

“Honey In Yellow”

©2007 Maureen Radoncic









©2007 Maureen Radoncic 


©2007 Maureen Radoncic