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MICHAEL ROBERT GAUDET was born and raised in Nova Scotia where he attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1977-78. After this he moved to Toronto where he was commissioned to paint his first large mural at the age of 19. Over the following years the artist designed and painted over 60 prominent murals all across Canada. To view selected samples of both commissioned and personal work, please visit Gallery Gaudet at .

GAUDET also specializes in portraiture.  He has drawn and painted hundreds of portraits in his career so that now the physical likeness comes to him as naturally as hand-writing.  He has pushed the boundaries of portraiture beyond resemblance to focus on achieving a deeper that when you enter a room with one of his portraits hanging, you can feel the very essence of the model's personality or spirit shining out of the manipulated paint on canvas. 



"ESPortrait" was created as a courtship gift to GAUDET's long-time soul-mate, partner, lover and wife, Sharon Gibson.  It was painted as an expression of the wonder he felt at her shining personality that impressed him from their very first meeting over 15 years ago. 

He says, "When I first laid eyes on Sharon I knew she was special.  I was attracted to her strong aura. I felt instinctively that she was a healer and very, very wise. When I suggested that she pose for a portrait, she hesitated at first.  I think she felt that maybe it wouldn't work out.  But in the end when I had finished it after three days of intensive work, she gasped and said, "I love it!" We have been together ever since. 

You might say that this painting was the ultimate courtship gift. It hangs in a place of honor in the home that we have built together here at The Resort Village of Manitou Beach"

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