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Suzanne Wargo


SUZANNE WARGO lives in Lake Wales Florida with her husband  of 12 years. She spends most of her time rehabilitating abused   and neglected birds that people bring to her when they have no  one else to turn to. At the present moment she shares her home  with two rescued dogs and an assortment of parrots that she  devotes a lot of time to teach them to trust again.


 She has been   creating fractal art for a little over a year now and intends to  continue for many years to come.


Motivation: "This   was very hard to answer for me. I usually don't have any clue as to what a piece will look like until after I finish it. The pieces I create usually create themselves and I am just the tool they use to come out. This particular piece was named by one of   my dearest friends, she does love a good twist on words and it just fit.”


Editor's Note

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