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W. DADDARIO shares...

The world immediately around me is a stunning place to explore withwonder and awe.  There is another amazing world immediately and deeply within me that I find amazing to explore as well, which I consider my inner world.  I enjoy exploring both of these worlds visually withphotos, drawings, paintings and mixed media as well as with words.  In some of my explorations I include both worlds in one piece.  In otherexplorations my focus is predominantly on one or the other of these two worlds.

My art is personal.  My intention is to bring the experience and knowledge that is individually mine into my explorations.  This helps to make my explorations unique.  The action of this exploration is hat I call my art.  For me this action is a personal searching.  The works that result from this action of searching, which is sometimes referred to as creativity, are points along my journey of life.  One of the reasons I create these points is my intention to share my exploring with other beings.  The interaction created by that sharing is also an element of the search.

Wherever we are we have the ability to search.  Life is searching. 
Currently I live and search from Hawaii.

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Kailua, Hawaii
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