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August Announcements

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August’s Six Questions For Schedule

Below is the schedule of posts for August at

8/02—Six Questions for Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney, co-Founders, Rose Metal Press
8/04—Six Questions for Six Questions for Clifford Garstang, Editor, Prime Number Magazine
8/06—Six Questions for Deb Harris, Editor-in-Chief, All Things That Matter Press
8/09—Six Questions for Anne Petty, Editor in Chief, Kitsune Books
8/11—Six Questions for Alexis E. Santi, Editor in Chief, Our Stories
8/13—Six Questions for Rick Marlatt, Poetry Editor, The Coachella Review
8/16—Six Questions for Jennifer Walkup, Fiction Editor, The Meadowland Review
8/18—Six Questions for Megan Duffy, Poetry Editor, The Meadowland Review
8/20—Six Questions for Dehanna Bailee & J. Grant (Sr. Editor) from Blue Leaf Publications
8/23—Six Questions for Dr. Nicolas Kanellos, Editor, Arte Publico Press
8/25—Six Questions for Geoffrey Porter, Editor-in-Chief, Untied Shoelaces of the Mind
8/27—Six Questions for Rakesh, Editor, Blaft Publications
8/30—Six Questions for Dan Scannell, Editor, Thieves Jargon

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