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"White Rose"

BIO: Mary Axiotis is a freelance writer and photographer. Mary started her writing career in 2005, when she retired after 25 years from working as a sales/events coordinator in the marketing department for a multinational corporation. She started writing under her pen name as Mary Rose-Sellers for  Mary still writes articles for, is attending The Writers Connection group, has three blogs published,,,, where she publishes articles helpful to writers, to shih tzu pet owners, and travel, respectively.

She is also a member of the Partners in Crime book club, where she reads mystery novels and writes reviews for the local library. Additionally, Mary has taken the task of becoming the editor for the local newcomers' newsletter, and she is also researching her parents' story since there is so much history in their lives. She enjoys taking pictures and at her free time playing with her little white shih tzu.

MOTIVATION: There is so much beauty in the world we live in that I want to capture it in photographs. Even if it's not nature the architectural aspect of the buildings surrounding us, shows that we, as human beings, are a creative sort.

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