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Riches Staying


Barbra Lambert


Jocelyn was a beautiful woman. She’d been lavished in wealth her entire life. She was now on her way to the top branches of the family business and would soon be flying to Stockholm to start a new corporation. She had brilliantly completed her studies in Architectural Technology and had diligently worked on and completed her lecture series to begin one week after her arrival in Stockholm.

This morning’s paper looked inviting but there was more planning to be done in regard to her new business venture and at the moment, she perished the thought of something else consuming itself in her mind, other than her business interests. But she would settle down to have an enjoyable sip of freshly brewed coffee. She lingered over the server as she was pouring the coffee convinced she heard strange noises outside. Dismissing the muffled noise, she sat in her favorite chair nestled close to the street window. China!

"Who doesn’t love sipping from fine china?"  she whispered to herself. Lavender flowers graced the rounded portion of the china cup. Color. . . Riches. . . Joy!!!   The muffling sound neared. She peered through the delicate sheers to view a hearse slowly moving up the street. Passers by were reverently stepping aside only to stoically glare from the sidewalks.   Glaring. . .  people. . .death... cars!

Rushing back to the window, Jocelyn hesitantly opened the sheers again, she peered at the foreboding sight. One day it would be carrying her. OH  NO!!  NO!  What would happen to my beautiful jewelry. . . My position. . . My clothes, lectures series????????? What will happen to ME???

Her mother, standing atop the stairway, watched her daughter struggle with the anguish of ‘wealth’  being dethroned;  watching selfishness, all that she had taught her, fight its losing battle.  Fear gripped her.  Her feeble hand clenched the stairway railing as if to strangulate the sudden pang of reality.

She heard the singing from the graveyard. The sound awakened her senses. . . forcing her to inhale the looming presence of something she had never felt the need to consider. . . death.

She knew the hearse would be coming soon. . . for her!   And then again for her daughter. They’ll both be leaving. . . their riches - staying!

Barbra Lambert Shares:

The motivation for the story came from a trip I had taken to the Scandinavian countries whereby, I was acquainted with extraordinary architecture.  

As I reminisced about the travels, I began to ponder about the power of riches.  As great as wealth, power and talents are, one will not be leaving with them after death, therefore there has to be a greater purpose for our lives as we live it here. 

The purpose of striving to meet objectives to become successful is an excellent one but it is not wise to allow the influence of these objectives to cause us to lose sight of the need of serving humanity. Riches will outlive the reapers of it, consequently a balanced perspective of one's riches is of more value.

"Riches Staying" was also written with certain people in mind.  People who have not yet understood the value of 'serving.'  Their riches have blinded them to the needs of people and have drawn them into an embankment of false security that breeds impenetrable greed.  

The extraordinary architecture, splendid as it was, was a reminder to me to become a more ardent architect of my own nature, as much as possible.  For I will take nothing with me after my journey is complete on Earth, but I hope to leave behind the buildings of a character worthy of being remembered.

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