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LIED by Maxwell Baumbach

I've lied about my name
To take a break from reality.
I've lied about where I live
To tell a good story.
I've lied about my age
To seem more mature than I am.
I've lied that I'm in love
To save my ass.
I've lied up and down this country,
I've told many people many things.
I've lied to people I barely know,
I've lied to my closest friends.
I've lied so many times
I'm not sure who believes me.
I've lied so many times
I'm not sure who I am.
Of everyone I've lied to,
I've lied to myself the most.
I've told myself I'm happy
When I know that I am not.
I've told myself I'm over things
When I've barely come to terms with them.
I've told myself that I'm confident
When I've filled with insecurities.
I've told myself I'll change,
But I think I might be lying.


Maxwell Baumbach ( is a young writer who attends Concordia University Chicago. He plans to major in Business Administration (Sports Management) with a minor in English. He has been writing since his freshmen year of high school, but did not take his craft seriously until winning the Fine Arts Poetry contest at Timothy Christian High School. Since then, his work has been featured in various publications, both in print and on the internet. Maxwell is a self-taught writer. There was never a major source of encouragement or anyone who told him to get his writing published. It was simply something that he decided to pursue with reckless abandon. Since then, he has not looked back, and he is more focused than ever on fulfilling his dream of getting a book of his poems published. 

Motivation: Lied was written during a period of self-improvement. I had wronged a lot of people, and was trying to make up for it. However, I had a hard time looking past all the lies I had told in my past.



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