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Celibate Pens




Vinay Bejamin





Celibate pens make good narrators

For Houdini thoughts submerged in ink

Freed of all trappings again in earnest

Run riot on virgin sheets

The exhilaration of capturing the subtle

With language that can create

Simplicity from complex emotions

Lucidity through the veils of the vague


I treasure this fortuitous acquaintance

With whittled reed and flowing inkwell

Allowing orphaned thoughts to accrue

Via random sequels

Though not exceptionally gifted, yet

Equipped with tools of a cherished trade

Discipline expression frequently

In loftiness or simple threads


I indulge the pen its celibacy

Learning eloquence from the teacher silence

The art of poetic origami

That stirs minds sets them ablaze

Turns every poetic endeavour to 

A continuum of inner dialogue

In this captivating process of hearing

And likewise in turn being heard . . .



BIO: "I was born in Vridavan, India and currently reside in Bahrain where I run a Digital Printing & Design Bureau. I have two beautiful kids - a girl and a boy."

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