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Mike Berger



Eyes are seized.

A dark red lily capture your gaze

A stout green stalk supports  

a profusion of delicate petals.


You must be cunning, to emulate

Nature's designs. You surround each bulb

with gray thyme to highlight

the lilies’ blazing color and design.


You plant three lilies, red, yellow and blue.

With too many lilies, they lose their luster

and shed their personalities and become

an amorphous jumble of colors.


The lilies form a triangle, where its diagonal.

points to a squatting Japanese lantern.

Ethereal Zen breaths and comes to life

Adorned with a muted cloak of green


The array of flowers pleases, but

They whispers a jealous lament, as

The red lily flaunts and shouts, come

and admired me.

Bio: Mike Berger.Ph.D. (psychology) A Therapist for 30 years. Mike also bakes wonderful focaccia bread.

Motivation: My bright red lily is the highlight of a somber garden.

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