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Rumjhum Biswas




Is it too good to last?

Is it really nothing but a shard


of light, eagerly cutting deep

inside, just when you feel comfortable


enough to hold

it tight? But how can you


not, hold it tight,

I mean. There is this fear,


always hunting you down.

No place to hide; it always


finds you, always douses

the warmth and the light escapes;


you watch helplessly,

bewildered and shaking. At the end


of it you become afraid.

You are just too afraid to be happy. Think.


Perhaps happiness is

just another rare and costly bauble.


If you find it you must hide it;

keep it locked up safely out of sight


Think, again.

Is it really so rare?



a translucent transient thing?


If you try holding it close

as tightly as you can,


you become a child

with a scoop of sunshine in your hand.



BIO: Rumjhum Biswas has been published in countries in all the five continents in both online and print journals. One of her poems was long listed in the Bridport Poetry Prize 2006. She won third prize for poetry in Muse India Contest, 2008. Her flash fiction was shortlisted in the 2008 Kala Ghoda- Caferati Flash Fiction Contest. She won third prize in a poetry contest run by Unisun Publishers India in February 2008. Her poem “March” was commended in the Writelinks’ Spring Fever Competition, 2008. Her story -”Ahalya’s Valhalla” - was among Story South’s Million Writers’ notable stories of 2007. She was a participating poet in the 2008 Prakriti Foundation Poetry Festival in Chennai. Website: She blogs at:

MOTIVATION:I really don't remember what triggered this poem. Must have been one of those philosophical moments. 

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