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Two From Melissa Blackmore



When police snatch an active addict away from the streets or lifestyle, the addict tends to get in a defense mode without even realizing it.

Then at different times, depending on the person and/or situation, they can be placed into a treatment program. Some may not like it, maybe even hate it, and what it basically comes down to is the fact that our behavior is not good when we’re out there, and we need to have someone come and snatch us up. I know from my own personal experience I would have continued on the path of destruction if someone did not care about me or the community in which I lived. I am not only doing myself harm, but others are at risk. I am a danger to myself and others.

So there are times to be grateful to be snatched up off the streets.

My Dearest Melissa

You’re 7 years old now, such a nice polite young girl, doing great in school. Keep up the good work.

At age 12 you’re still polite and now you’re becoming a young woman, exploring more of life. Slow down, Melissa, you could end up going in the wrong direction.

You’re 15 now, I really wish you would think more and not just jump into things. You’re heading down the wrong road. Your friends are not exactly “good kids” and your actions are not good.

At age 20 you’re a mom, your 2 year-old daughter has been taken away. You need to stop it and try and get your self together. You need to think about what you are doing to yourself and your child. You don’t need to live like this. If you would have only slowed down when you still had the chance. Not that you don’t, cause we can always change the future and make it better.

It’s the past that we can’t change.

Motivation: As part of a VFI workshop, writers are encouraged by a safe, confidential environment to take the risk of self-expression.  Through the camaraderie of the group, participants find a common understanding and a mutuality of respect and forgiveness.

Bio:  Melissa Blackmore was born and raised in the Worcester area and attended school in Oxford, MA. She is raising her two children in Webster, MA.

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