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Three From Margot Brown



What If 



What if
 is the feeling a child learns
 by herself.

 Grown-ups try
 to hide it so,
 what if comes
 barreling into our lives
 when we are too young
 to understand why
 we are deprived
 of touching.
 Like a game,
 if we are caught
 there is no joy
 in the discovery.
 But before
 what if
 do not
 it was the feeling
 a child learned
 that touching made her happy.
 What if,
 do not
 is a logically learned sequence.
 That is why
 what if
 makes me afraid.
 What if
 I touch you,
 and you tell me
 not to?









Unbuild this nest, these

twigs and string.

Unthatch these patterns that

held this ring.


Unbuild this arbor, take

down this tree.

Put back this jig saw, as

you found me.


Undo my love.  Unbreak

my heart.  Untake

my trust.  Undo

our start.


Unbuild this nest, these

twigs and string.  I

take it all back, every






For Jeffrey


What softness is I thought I knew.  I thought

a gentle hand – until one moment you

shone through, then softness felt like man.


What softness is, so many times, I have

presumed, myself; but when entrusted, mine

was no more soft than your own wealth.


Gentility, fragility; we muster what we feel

while softness, like a mistress

leads our flesh to inner yields.


What softness is I thought I knew, but it

is relative.  Our only measure is not

to measure what we have to give.




© 2008 Margot Brown

MARGOT BROWN shares...


BIO: MARGOT BROWN was born and raised in Massachusetts.  She migrated to the Midwest as a young adult and compensates for missing the ocean by putting too much salt on her food.  Margot graduated from Marquette University and, until recently, focused on her career as a public relations executive for a Fortune 50 firm.  She enjoys writing, antiques, gardening, companion animals and is an amateur bird watcher. 

 She lives in Northern Illinois with a Hurricane Katrina evacuee (Miss Kitty), a rescued 13-year-old chocolate lab (Home Run Ernie Banks), and her husband, Michael Morrison.  Margotʼs work appeared in the July issue of joyful! and another poem will appear in the Fall issue of The Boston Literary Magazine.  Later this year, Margot's poetry will be featured in the anthology, Poetry for Suzanne, published by Avalanche.

 MOTIVATION:  "I have been compelled to write since early childhood and am usually surprised by the result. My writing connects me to my God, my self, my universe and my family and friends."