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Two Works By Bryon D. Howell





Late at night,
 when the crickets are
 and dreaming of home,
 I lay on my black-frame rack
 with my nightlight on
 stalking the elusive
 I must act quickly
 before it disappears forever
 into the soil of
 literary oblivion,
 and is replaced
 by some moon-June
 which shines for a moment
 then dies.
 It’s a matter of knowing
 when to pick up the pen
 and when to keep searching the
 dampened sea of grass
 for something better -
 a keeper.



**appeared in Unlikely Stories 2000









 Do you have any idea
 just how loud
 silence is
 can be
 and is now?
 I'm afraid to talk to
 I'm afraid the
 whole world
 will hear.
 I refuse to
 too deeply
 because I don't
 want to
 startle the cats.
 Even the pen
 is making
 too much noise
 to this clueless
 of white ink jet paper.
 The fan is
 It's humming like
 The stuffed animal
 I never gave
 is laying on its
 on top
 of the television.
 It's been like
 for about four
 months -
 since before the
 It suffered a
 while trying to
 the bomb shelter -
 in the sock drawer.


BRYON D. HOWELL shares...

Poet BRYON D. HOWELL resides in New Haven, Connecticut and has been writing poetry for a great number of years. His poetry has appeared in poeticdiversity, Red River Review, The Quirk, The Cerebral Catalyst, and The Lost Beat. Bryon D. Howell as also recently launched his own poetry e-zine called The Persistent Mirage and is its editor.




Bryon says he, “wrote ‘Writing Free Verse at Night’ after receiving my 10th consecutive rejection letter on batches of sonnets sent out for consideration. This poem was my very first attempt at writing a poem in this style. Interesting story, no?"

Reach him here: The Persistent Mirage | A Haven for Poets and Thinkers