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To Know Not Change
Robin Burrows
 Oh to be a child again
 And to believe the world of now
 Will last forever
 And to fear not
 The things I cannot know
 And know not
 The fear of change.
 Oh to be a child again
 When the world
 Would last forever
 Best friends
 Now and always
 Same street
 Same hills
 Same people
 Same life.
 Oh to be a child again
 When dreams,
 However impossible,
 Seemed closer
 Were closer
 Without the burdens
 Of reality’s great hands
 Upon my shoulders.
 Oh to be a child again
 And know not change.

Motivation:  I was going through a lot of major changes in my life, when I wrote this poem. It came out of my musings during that  time-period and a desire for a more stable, familiar, comfortable world.
Bio:I am a graduate of Hendrix College and work in themarketing department at a regional nonprofit organization. I spend my free time writing both poetry and prose. I am currently working on the  manuscript for my first novel, and I have two poems scheduled to be published.

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