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wake by Alexandra Cannon



i. morning

i carry you
                in the kindest place
                my heart knows.
in a sunlit room
i carry you across the warm
floor to the table where you marveled
in silence
at chandelier prisms of light
that trembled on the ceiling
as when i said
i had more tears
than the
there came a tapping
on the roof 
from a failed
mission outside.
you are still
laughing about this.
a knock at the door
where i defend the
world in my heart
and you are still
the ringing sound
has never left the hall.

(ii. broken threshold
the door is closed
to this room that holds
my private agony
and the shaking moments
when i self-mourn
and fine-tune
my pain aesthetic.
here i carry the wreath
and the coffin
and the moaning pews.
here i carry the
from the mirror
from the stone walls.
when there was daylight,
you used to sing
and startle everyone.
now the neglected hours
that guard this place
are far too quiet
 for such things.)
iii. the kindest place revisited
i carry you
to the evergreen inside
to the gifts that never
interest you more than
the fallen leaves of
their wrapping.
the music and joyful
chaos resound and toll
-the clanking of
 champagne glasses-
fall silent as snow
when you laugh
for the first time
in a moment
holier than
the way the pealing
bells stagger doves
into flight.

BIO! I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in Nebraska, and somehow ended up in Connecticut, where I am a creative writing student, director, bridal salon assistant, and Spanish-English interpreter.  Once, I allowed myself to be talked into downhill skiing--a painful mistake which will not be made again.

Motivation: My cousin, Margot, passed away when she was seven years old. I was fourteen when it happened, and initially, all I associated with her memory was a feeling of loss, a funeral. I found over the years that the best way to honor someone in recollection is to set the memory of her laughter apart from and above the mourning associated with the loss.

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