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Carly Bryson

Through these lenses, darkly
firelight sparks on wicked walls
we, lying here like larva pods
wounded toads on cotton stones
our ritual gazes comatose
writhing without motion

In the night sky, waiting
suspended in obsidian
we wish on dying stars
but cosmic bridges burn the best
as sparks fall to the window ledge
unscorched we lie enfolded

On the outside, dancing
shadows peak then quickly fall
across this nightly cadence
on silk and concrete sheets
through alpha bits and dreamless sleep
we barely even notice


CARLY BRYSON shares...

CARLY BRYSON lives in Houston, Texas and spends much of her free time writing poetry and prose.  Most of her poetry deals with current political topics as well as personal, family and relationship dynamics.


"The motivation for In this Room, was the idea that we spend so much time getting into a routine, that we sometimes miss the simple things that can be important parts of sharing our lives with someone."

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