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Two Poems By Carol Bevan-Bogart


River Soul


Deep, green, glistening

and grooved like a river stone

carved by a glacier,

my soul reclines on sunny days

in the open. 


Where it’s tempted by the effervescence

of souls cascading, tumbling over and over

to reach the sea—a salty haven

for river souls who drowned

in their enthusiasm for depth.













Eat These Words



I want my words

sliced on the diagonal,

julienned and crunched, raw.

I want my words

to bite your tongue;

make you chew and chew

for fear they'll burn your gullet.

I want my words to

stand for something

on their own, not strained

and mashed to muck.

I want you to taste my words

long after I thrust them from my mouth

to yours.  My words are not

the flavor of the month.






CAROL BEVAN-BOGART is a member of the AWA Affiliate Leadership Network and is on the steering committee for Voices from Inside, a group that offers writing workshops for incarcerated women. 


She is also a facilitator for Mourning Reflections, a bereavement writing group and The Heroine’s Journey: Writing the Path, a workshop that integrates archetypal stories with writing. 


Currently a professor of management at the undergraduate and graduate level, CAROL has over 25 years experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development.  


(Editor's Note: Carol, who introduced me to VFI, has as a wealth of knowledge on more subjects than one would imagine. She  freely shares her gifts and it's a pleasure to have her shining work here.)