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Al Carty

Town and people, merchants all excited,
bikers coming, Harley-riders Rally, events
and prizes, booths spelling out New Mexico in
t-shirts, fry-bread, tacos, everything with chilis.

Hot grease sidewalks, hot greenbacks, exhaust
from throbbing bikes, dust from stomping native
dancers, sweat and energy, greasy garlic fingers,
vendors busy, beer cans sun-tossed and fly-swollen.

Then a small breeze, gentle, finds me; somehow
sage and creosote weave through the mass of tangled
smells, competing, luring, pulling me away from
town-and-people noise, false and man-made.

I find the distant thickets, sticky pinyon-pine and juniper,
pine-nuts hiding, pungent, waiting, cactus-flowers
teasing, bees plundering the sweetness, ignoring me
as I breath it in, wallowing in my secret banquet.

Bio:When I began reading my work with an editor's eye, I saw the importance of the re-write. Then write it again.

Motivation:This is what I think about when the high-plains are snow-bound. Now that we have spring I had to write it down so it doesn\'t get away.

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