The Shine Journal - The Light Left Behind

Journeys Through Grief and Beyond







Charles Darnell






I walk along a melancholy strand,

Hearing music played too far

To be meant for me.

Drifting down the beach,

Distorted by erratic wind,

It faintly pulled,

Like the withdrawing tide

Pulls flotsam from the shore.


Here is where you haunt me.

The hiss of the returning waves

Whisper your name,

The cry of the gulls call,

But you will never answer.

Your image is torn by breeze and spray

Fleeing up the sand,

Hiding in the hollow dunes.



Charles Darnell lives in San Antonio, Texas. He is a member of the Sun Poets Society. His work has appeared in Right Hand Pointing, The Mindful Word, Voices Along the River and The Shine Journal as well as other

Contact Editor: Pamela Tyree Griffin

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