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Cheryl Williams


Your silence is revealing,

and says more than a thousand

words could ever say;

We retreat into our

corners, where cobwebs

cling to us, and beg us

to stay.

Try as we may,

they are so hard to brush off,

and there are always some

that continue to cling,

in a desperate attempt

at survival.

But what they do not realize

is that no matter

how tightly they cling,

they are nothing but

dust, clinging to something

that once was beautiful.

Cheryl Williams Shares...


CHERYL WILLIAMS is a married mother of three, and has lived in Charlotte, NC for twenty two years.  She says, "I have been writing since the age of fifteen, and writing was and still is a form of therapy for me. I also hope that my writing can reach out and touch others in a special way."


About what inspired her to write this poem, she tells SHINE," I was moved to write the poem 'Cobwebs' as I was remembering all of the times I have failed to make a change in a relationship due to the fact that there is always a good memory or two that just cling and don't seem to want to let go. But in reality, those memories are often just a covering for something that once was beautiful." 


Along with poetry, she writes both fiction and non-fiction stories. Her publishing credits include: Primary Treasure, Our Little Friend, Home Life, The Front Porch, True Romance, and Grassbytheounce magazines.  She's currently taking an advanced writing class in which she is working on a novel for teenage girls.