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Tears Of Sorrow


Daniel Irwin

As a child, my father lived in New Athens, a small German-American town in Illinois.  He remembers how on one night, very late, Grampa Scott's friend came to the house.  The man was inconsolable, a blubbering mess.  

What tragedy could have reduced him to this tearful, distraught, shaking hulk?  After a while, the visitor pulled himself together.

Scott, it's terrible, just absolutely terrible."

What, man?  What's tearin' at your heart?"

"Scott, the brewery just burned down."

Grampa burst into tears.

DAN IRWIN shares...


Artist/writer, DAN IRWIN is a medic at a maximum security prison " 'cause ya gotta have some job for cash money."  Work published in various magazines, journals, e-zines workd wide (some you may have heard of).  Rejection notices critiqued free of charge.


"Reflections upon tales of a colorful grandfather I never knew. This piece...a comment on personal values, the frailty of man, and unexpected humor found in suffering."