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Bath Time*




Dawn H. Sholun




Timmy knew exactly what to do. He just had to turn the big hand on the clock backwards. Grandpa called it "Daylight Savings Time".


He prodded the clock in the kitchen with a broom, until it fell down. Relief crashed through him when the clock remained intact. He picked it up and slowly spun the big hand.


He paused for a moment. Had it worked? He peered into the living room. His mother was still passed out drunk, but she was like that a lot. He still couldn't tell.


He apprehensively crept to the bathroom. His sister was just as he found her. He hadn't turned back time at all.


"I'm sorry," he whispered and stroked her tiny, blue hand.




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DAWN SHOLUN shares...

Dawn Sholun is a proud work at home mother and aspiring author. She lives in Southern Connecticut with her two beautiful little girls and significant other. She currently has works scheduled for publication in the The Open Vein, Static Movement Online, and Twisted Dreams Magazine.





"All my works are quite morbid. I am often asked why I choose to write about such depressing and horrific subjects. Writing horror and dark fiction is my way of coping with the unpleasant side of life and humanit, facing my fears so to speak." 


Her website is: