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Miguel de Leon


Photo©Marcus Buckner




Mickey, Jerry & Mighty




Three blind mice

Mickey, Jerry and Mighty.

All three covered in blood

Their film careers all dragged through the mud.


One was a star and made the world holler

Abused a hoarse duck and made a fat dollar.

Then the mouse had enough of the duck and the lies

So they replaced his loved face and gouged out his eyes.


One was a fighter and tamed a wild cat

So they gave him a series and warned him not to get fat.

But after sweet cheese he was no longer light

So they cancelled his show and diabetes, his sight.


One was a hero and guarded our sky

So they gave him a contract and a cape when he’d fly.

But they released our poor hero after he flew into a tree

He’s now in a wheelchair and can no longer see.


So together they plot, as only mice will

To take over the system, to pillage and kill.

So when studio heads turn up dead and on ice

You’ll know it’s the doing of three screwed up mice.


©Miguel de Leon

BIO: Miguel de Leon lives in Los Angeles and is currently working on his novel. He has written three poetry compilations.
MOTIVATION: I wanted to tell the back story of the three blind mice. I wondered what would happen to three of the most popular 'actor-mice' after their careers were over. Even they would have a 'True Hollywood Story' episode these days.