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Two Poems From Elizabeth Stassinos


 Santa PTSD


 Mom killed Santa.

 She told me he existed,

 then said he didn't.


 Mom gave Santa

 the imaginary shank,


 Hell, Santa offed himself

 doing a graceful swan dive

 off the Brooklyn Bridge

 or the Golden Gate


 "Get down or lay down" old man

 or maybe Santa took pills or

 stopped eating or

 got a little too good

 with cutting, with red generally.


 We've made a mess of Christmas.

 I think Santa knows this,


 I tell you what I

 really think...


 Mom is Santa

 and she doesn't much

 like competition.




 Prison Haiku


 Why die so loudly

 Big-shouldered girl

 This more blue world

 Is a friend you knew well as a child.


 She says “shhhh,”

 She says “look.”


 There are still names to speak

 And coastlines




ELIZABETH STASSINOS is a cultural anthropologist from the University of Virginia. She is an advocate of prison reform and arts and educational alternatives to incarceration.  She is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Westfield State College and has taught there since 2004.


In the past, DR. STASSINOS has volunteered as a writing facilitator for VFI’s Pre-release workshop.