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Three From Erik Estabrook



Bleak Ferocity


If this poet speech went away,

and like in reality I'd have nothing to say and no one to say it to,

If I became a stranger muttering at walls,

If I was your everyday lunatic making a mockery of it all

If anger was stored in me,

and I ranted at shadows,

no one can time how quickly the soul can unravel,

My name, my prestige, will be a one line page in the obituary,

for I've built my name in hopes it would last,

page 11a obituary


let me take a breather much deeper than that,

let it say he loved God and God loved him back,

he treaded on God's soil and was thankful for every step and every laugh,

I've built my life with appearances grand, examined love from every view except first person,

penned books always admired death for its higher purpose,

If my soul is bound to something its to show you the light,

If my soul were in-between i'd find a way to fly,

So let me tell you we all walk that line between saint and sinner, heaven and hell, angel or demon,

but I no longer tight rope, I saw it at full scope,

It transformed my brain like this rant hopes to transform yours,

this isn't my epitaph for I've no plans to ever rot,

undoubtedly this life cycle will linger on,

If you want hope that's the last grocery item I bought,

biography 21

Erik loves cats,he also loves feeding cats to dogs,

rats to snakes,

and sinners to hell,

that sums it up so do tell,

the grand spectacle that awaits me.


Motivation: Erik writes to explore the avenues of the soul and for self-growth.

Biography: Erik Estabrook is a published author of five books of poetry.

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