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"Broken Heart"


Don Ford



When you are neither Black nor White...


Shadow Family




Don "Greywolf"  Ford



I hate that we must live in the narrow confines of dark alleys. It maddens me we can't even show our faces. We are not welcome among the Blacks, and the White folks turn away their faces as though we weren't there. We are something in between; some just say we're *Grey.


We can't help it if we were born as Shadow people; and nothing on earth can change that fact. We are viewed as sinister, and because we must stay just out of sight, they say we are lurking. We are even linked to criminal types when they say crooks hide in the shadows.


We have seen many dark villains, but they're not us. We are all good people and deserve a chance to prove ourselves. I wish more folks were color blind and could see us like any other normal family. This is killing our children who want to go out and play with others their age. We can't help our color, so please quit ridiculing us.


 It is not just Black and White, right or wrong; there are shades of color in between. I am proud of who I am. Someday we will all come out of hiding and advance into the full light of day. We will proclaim we are as good as any other and are equal with them too. We are Shadow.


We actually have the blood of two people groups flowing through our veins. Is that ok with you? Since when does one color get to call itself superior over any other? As I said, I am shadow, and I don't get it. Help me understand. Of all of the black and white in the world, we represent the fine line in the middle.


Author Notes


"This is not specifically an issue of race, but one of understanding who we really are in this life. That every man and woman should be on an equal level. Oh, did I say woman, I meant it!  I am SHADOW - I am *Greywolf!  I’m sharing from my Native American heart."


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