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David Ira Fox
George was a very special cat,
He'd greet you on the welcome mat
With a soft and gentle meow
Yes, he was special and how.
His coat of fur was black and white,
He never did scratch or bite,
He never howled, never hissed;
George, you are surely missed.
David Fox has been published in a lot of places the latest including: Pancakes in Heaven, Coffee-Ground Breakfast, Poems of the World, Blue Moon Poetry, Aasra Punjabi English Maaazuine, Poet's Digest and Forte Green Literary Review. This is his second acceptance in The Shine Journal, the first having been in the Journal's prior life.



   The Tree Poem




David Fox


   We are like trees.
   Some of us areas sturdy as tree trunks,
   others are as delicate as the leaves,
   and like the leaves,
   we are constantly changing
   making resolutions every New Year
   to start again, anew.
   Many of us like the  tree's    branches,            
   exploring different paths
   in this labyrinth we call life.
   As we grow older
   we are even more similar to the tree,
   each wrinkle representing
   another year of life
   like every every ring on a tree stump.
   If I can live even a fraction
   a tree has, I will know
   I've lived life to its fullest potential.








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