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Francis Ryan
It snowed today and I thought of you
as I hope you know I often do .
The quiet snowflakes danced  and flew ...
their wondrous whirling was you !
As I shoveled the walk along the street,
did I hear the sound of approaching feet ... 
 my aching heart skipped a beat !
A voice called out, ... could it be yours ?
I looked to the house ... no open doors !
Well,  for the present it wasn't you, ...
but, I await the time this all comes true .

Francis Ryan shares...

FRANCIS "Frank" RYAN, who has retired from teaching, but not from learning and sharing, is from western Massachusetts and resides in Springfield.
The motivation for this piece seems to speak to a nostalgia for things past. Francis says, "For whom does the author yearn you ask? Formost he is a husband seeking the spouse from the house as from their youth; secondly, he is a father missing the dear daughters of yesteryear and thirdly, he recalls the solace and joy of long gone neighbors and friends who have moved away or have gone ahead...where also missed grandparents and parents tread."