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If Love Were Blind


Penelope Friday


 If love were blind
 you wouldn't have seen me leave
 with a handful of paper money
 to cash at the monopoly bank
 in the high street.
 You wouldn't have seen me cry
 or seen me gaze
 at another guy across the road.
 I wouldn't have bought you a picture
 because you wouldn't have been able to see it
 if love were blind.

 And the memories,
 the memories would live as words
 and feelings - no pictures,
 no heart shaped boxes of remembrance
 if love was blind.
 All that would be left is sound,
 until love melted like the snow,
 until a new day rose
 without me
 if love were blind.

 If love were blind....
 but I was blind, blinded to the things
 I saw each day;
 worn out by the constant repetition
 of their virtue.
 When I die, bury me in the moon
 so when people look up they'll see
 a girl who fell from sight
 and they'll know the things that might not happen
 if love were blind.



Motivation: I wrote this poem about my relationship with my partner, and my fear that I would let him down in some way

Bio:Penelope Friday is somewhat eclectic in her writing, having written about everything from cooking with kids articles to historical lesbian fiction. Her website can be found at

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