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Two From Vanessa Fulton


Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma
I never got to know
You raised my mom
a beautiful woman that glow
She hurt so bad
and you’re not there
it hurts me,
being unaware.
The things you’ve taught her
shows inside
I tell you that woman
has her pride
And now today I can say
Grandpa and Grandma,
You did a beautiful job
all the way.


Started out not knowing a thing
Kinda like a fox
cute but unclean

Sneakin around didn’t do any good
it’s a big world out there
with plenty of food.

Left mom and dad thinkin’, I know
but now I’m hungry
where am I gonna go?

Found a pack of friends
just like me
But they were in a little too deep

Taught me how to stalk my prey
now I’m hangin out all
god***** day.

Motivation: As part of a VFI workshop, writers are encouraged by a safe, confidential environment to take the risk of self-expression.  Through the camaraderie of the group, participants find a common understanding and a mutuality of respect and forgiveness.

Bio: Vanessa Fulton was born and raised in Springfield, MA. She has two brothers and one sister. Graduated from Putnam High School in 2004. Attended Sanford Brown Institute in 2006. She’s 24 years old and has one child. Vanessa joined a writing group this year, and is now exploring her poetic self.

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