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Dance of the Fireflies




Gaynor Lewis




Fire flies dance inside the flames,
Darkness sets the day.
The fire glows bright,
It absorbs the night,
Chasing all fears away.

Then pixies emerge from their secrets,
Towards you they make their way.
From evil places,
With sinful faces,

They start to dance and play.


You rush to hide away from them

So you’re able to view

Without a sound

They dance around

The fire, in front of you.


You move, the noise it startles them,

Oh no that was unwise.

They disappear

Now all that’s here

Are the fireflies.


Fireflies dance inside the flames,

Lightness dawns the day.

Fire absorbs the night

The sun glows bright

And the fireflies fly away.






GAYNOR LEWIS shares...

From Derbyshire, England, GAYNOR LEWIS does what she loves, taking full advantage of the freedom of expression that writing, art and poetry present. An active artist, poet and writer, GAYNOR is now writing a magical book based on a character that she has been painting for many years. She is a licensed artist with Artistic Minds Inc and has exhibited nationally and internationally.


"Enchanted by the magic of nature and of life, my thoughts come together to merge the inspiration and my imagination.  These magical places take me away from my everyday life and offer a welcome relief that also intrigues and captivates me to write and hold me longer in my fascination of the written word...

This piece is inspired by the fireflies and other insects that are drawn into campfire lights and dance almost hand-in-hand with the accompanying shadows, which could be mistaken and observed as mischevious pixies in their mysterious shapes and forms."