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Glenn Howard Mitchell


I noticed a dream hiding in a crack as I walked down the sidewalk on Broadway. I recognised it from my childhood. The instant our eyes met, the dream looked scared, but I reassured it with a smile. It made me promise to keep our chance meeting a secret. The dream told me it had been working on SydneyÕs north shore, feeding the neurosis of rich, middle-aged divorcees until it became too greedy and started looking for cash-in-hand work, eventually moonlighting as a nightmare in the slums.

As a result, it had been suspended by the Union of the Consolidated Subconscious Mind for four weeks and was forced to earn a living as a sexual fantasy in a large accounting firm. The dream became bitter, complaining that it knew of colleagues who had second jobs as drug hallucinations.

The dream had always been proud and I felt disappointed to see it reduced to such a sorry state. I gave it some hope, promising that I would call it if I ever needed a dependable escape from reality. It thanked me for the support and crawled back into a crevice that split the concrete, silently waiting for the wandering imaginations of unsuspecting commuters.




GLENN H. MITCHELL was born in Melbourne, Australia and raised on the Gold Coast where it soon became apparent that he would become a writer. Unfortunately for Glenn, he was easily distracted as a teenager and after creating three experimental videos that toured Australian art galleries, he stumbled into a successful television career. He produced shows and segments for networks such as the ABC (Recovery, Casey & Stash), Optusvision (MTV's Most Wanted) and Foxtel (Cavalcade of Stars).


After being 'discovered' by Tropfest winner, Paul Fenech, he joined the writing team for successful comedy, Fat Pizza (SBS) in 2000, which became the network's most successful locally produced program.


It was around this time when,  Glenn says, “I quite obviously lost my mind, joining a punk band and touring the country's many venues and music festivals. The temporary insanity led to a second career as a music journalist (Tribe, JBT, Ministry Magazine, Brag and Whammo).”All the while, Glenn had been obsessively writing fiction without any attempt to have it published.  “That changed at the beginning of 2007 when he sent Chance Meeting to Shine.”


He is currently working on essays, short stories and a novel while clearing a backlog of over 200 works of fiction.

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His motivation is his secret for now…