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Endless Sleepless Nights




Felicia Canales Gomez





One endless sleepless night lead to too many.

Not having self control

My life has took its toll

My world turned upside down.

A plate of food I didn’t even get to eat.

Deprived of my dignity.

Gave these piggish men and women control of me.

I messed up and messed around

I got locked up and they lock me down.

Endless sleepless nights.


Endless sleepless nights.  I sit in this cold cell.

If I knew then what I know now.

In a week. An hour, day out of my cell.

If I knew then what I know now. Still wouldn’t make me want to bounce.

A guilty conscience leads to endless, sleepless nights.

I sit and wonder a long time to go.

I will admit I will suffer endless sleepless nights.


Endless sleepless nights.

I cry out loud

But only silence kills

No echoes in my cell

A dim light shines through this so called window

The sun has fallen and night has come.

Endless sleepless nights.


My meals feel as empty as never being served

In the morning it’s too early for all the moaning and groaning.

I did this to myself

I give no one the evil eye, taking short cuts, cheating myself, now I want to cry.

Endless sleepless nights.



I ponder around in my cell hearing the clock continuously tick

Cant sleep

Tossing and turning

Dim light shining through

My so called window

My imagination takes me

Endless sleepless nights.


No more copping and going

No more finding hallways to smoke in.

Watch it sizzle and drizzle.

Wow, what a high.

Are you willing to try?

No more dressing to impress.

Getting all I want by smiling just once.

No more blaming it on stress.

No need to use that needle that made me feel so depressed.
My dreams don’t come easy.

Endless sleepless nights.

One endless sleepless night lead to too many.


I finally fell asleep.  Too deep, too deep into my sleep.

Getting to the bottom of endless sleepless nights.


Bio: FELICIA CANELES GOMEZ is twenty four years old and has three children and live a life of struggle and pain.  “This is why I write in such ways.”


Motivation: Arizon, Esperanza and Ureal (her children), Life and Pain.

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