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Submissions are now open until the 20th of each month


Dear Creative,


I am in the process of putting together an anthology of some of my favorite works published in "The Shine Journal". 


Unfortunately, there will be no payment for this although all rights remain with each creative. The anthology will be on sale as a way to help support “The Shine Journal”.


I am in the "baby steps" part of this project and making decisions so I don't yet know whose works will be selected. Let me know if you have an objection to having your works shared once again with the world in this way.


Best and keep shining,







All published works are also archived online and may be featured in print anthologies without additional payment. All rights revert to the authors after publication in The Shine Journal! We ask that we be advised if the work is or has been published elsewhere.


Please spellcheck and proofread your work carefully. Please avoid gratuitous sex, profanity, or work which disrespects or demeans an ethnic group, a person's sexual orientation or physical/mental challenge. In other words, although I am not a prude or easily offended, The intent of  joyful! is to showcase work of the highest quality. I reserve the right to define what that means for this publication.





1.Please do NOT indent paragraphs in your short stories and articles.


2.Please SINGLE space within paragraphs and DOUBLE space between paragraphs.


3.For poems: Please SINGLE space within stanzas and DOUBLE space between stanzas.  


I may make small edits to your work without notice to you. These usually include punctuation, spacing, etc. but that' why I'm the editor. (smile)


Up to 5.00 per poem <-- depending on poem length
5.00 per story/article
5.00 per photo/artwork

All rights remain with the individuals.

Payment via Paypal is preferred and is paid within two to three weeks following publication .  If you do NOT want the payment, it will be reverted back to The Shine Journal and you will be listed as a Shining Supporter as will be all of you who donate!

Please advise if  your work is published elsewhere before you hear back from us. Previously published  work is ok so long as you provide name of previous publisher

NOTE: You may submit up to three poems or three pieces of art or photography at a time. Anything else - submit only ONE work and , in any case,don't submit again until you have heard back on the first submission. ( Examples: one photo, two poems =THREE items. One fiction story, two photos = THREE items)



 Fiction - Up to 1000 words. All genres welcome.


Articles - Up to 1000 words.


Art and Photography-NO PORNOGRAPHY No set dimensions. Submit no more than three at a time in any combination.


Poems of no more than 100  lines  - rhyming ok.  Submit no more than three poems at a time.


Send  other email to:      Mail which includes attachments, will be deleted without being read. 



The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) forbids the collection of data from children under the age of 13 . SHINE! accepts submissions and email only from those who are over the age of 13.


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