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Three Poems By Guy Arneson

Brother Day and Sister Night


When the night time lover dimmed his light.
He'd exit day and enter night.

And the daylight lover always knew.
she would find his kisses in her dew.

The two did curse and the two did fight.
For one loved day and one loved night.

She was his morning and he her night.
She loved his darkness and he her light.

Their Shadows danced but could not stay.
And every night the two would play

She chased her lover through the night.
And tried to love him with her light.

As the moon followed his daylight bride.
Under the cover of day he could not hide.

Stars do dance on the stage at night.
And a jealous moon would guard their night.

And if you would ask the moon he'd say
that eternal love is just one day.



Demon lover

Demon lover what is your name?
You’re never consistent but always the same.
With a gentle persuasion you possessed my soul.
Where I once had a heart, I now have a hole.
Hate and anger … I breathed it in.
It fueled my passion for a life of sin.
Opious and Methos … my demonic wives.
Fast and hard you live our lives.
Eyes so deep... evil face.
Cocus and Crackus … leather and lace
Hot and cold… fire and Ice.
Anger and sadness … your gift of vice.
And on that day … I fell for you.
My world got dark and I was through.
Minute by minute … day after day.
I got on my knees, and I would pray.
The puppet masters … slave no more.
I left the demon … she was a whore.
But when I found, a love so true.
I knew I would escape from you.
A prayer was answered from God above
A gift of life ... a gift of Love
Down from heaven … You smiled at me.
And showed me what my life could be.
Your wisdom ... your Spirit, and all your Grace.
Would give you a name, and give you a face.
I now have an Angel and the gift of life.
Because of the ultimate sacrifice…



His life was a lyric, a riddle in time.
He so loved the world he gave it a rhyme.

He was an Angel of melody.
She was a demon of harmony.

His amour of song stood not a chance,
and an evil heart began to dance.

The emotion of love was put to the test.
Against a demon that would never rest.

It consumed his soul and crushed his heart.
And now his morning was always dark.

That Jealous demon angry whore.
Had eaten his song till there was no more.

Angry music played everywhere,
and scattered pieces of loving care.

Now I had a dream late last night.
Where a wingless Angel could not take flight.

Chased by a demon of boastful pride.
With a cold black heart of crimson tide.

There was only less .. then one degree.
Between his happy life and misery.

This cancerous spot of black decay.
Ate and ate his heart away.

An Angel of Love and a Demon of hate.
Opposites attract and that was their fate

In another dream late last night.
I found new melody and wings for flight.

I cried and cried until I had no tears.
And questioned this for many years.

If you read the label on my heart.
What would it say. How would it start?

That my love, my peace, my harmony
Are a gift from God and a melody.


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