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An Ode to a Persian Princess


Hakan Yildirim


The mystique of your brown eyes
Lingers in my dreams
The tenderness of your voice
Resides in my heart

Want to yield to your kisses
Tremble by your touch
Our lips parted and connected
The tongues dancing with passion


HAKAN YILDIRIM hails from the Nordic city of Stockholm. He's either been studying science, working as a scientist, teaching science or conducting scientific research most of his adult life. "Seven of my research projects have been published in scientific journals; however, even I get bored when I read my own work. Writing poetry has therefore been an escape from the rigid world of scientific writing."


Hakan says, "I have always written poetry but I went through a period inspiration two years ago after my separation from my ex-wife Emma. The sorrow and the pain I felt were channelled into words of poetry. Furthermore, when I later fell in love with a girl called Tara poetry started pouring from the chasms of my heart."




"The short poem “Ode to a Persian Beauty” is dedicated to my very close friend Sharo. We met in the old part of in Stockholm not so long ago and kissed tenderly by the harbour. I will never forget the way she looked at me after each kiss since her beautiful brown eyes were serene and wild at the same time…"