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One Last Night To Sleep Alone by Megan Harris


The oil in the lamp has dried
My inspiration has followed.
I can't imagine being without you,
Now that I have tasted all that makes you sweet,
Now that I have tasted all that makes you bitter.

Drifting in and out of silenced coma,
You can't take this away from me
The feeling of exhaustion
Because of too much feeling nothing.

For you I will do anything,
Become a visage to your sleeping self,
Better yet a mirage.
I was never really there to begin with.

But you cannot deny -
The feeling that would radiate -
With you, I glowed, I grew,
I unfolded like a brilliant flower
In the gentle sunlight

But too much unforgiving and merciless
Rain has drowned me.
So I ask for one more simple caress,
One more whisper of love, no regrets.
No Regrets.

Let me leave knowing it was for something,
The sleep never leaves me -
It just weighs heavy more and more every day,
To hear your soft voice
One last time before I close my eyes
Well that would be worth dying for.

The wick will flicker, flicker,
And so will my leaded eyes...

Sweetie, you're so pretty,
I'd like to have you be the last thing I see.
Just in case -
There isn't something better beyond
This world that we imprint our feet.


I attend Youngstown State and I write poetry and stories. In my free time I also paint and study photography.

Motivation: Just being able to describe how certain relationships/ended relationships made me feel.


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