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To Die in Bed


Paul Hellweg

To die in bed
is the goal most of us have,
minimal pain,
a boring end
to timid lives,
but there is another way,
there are some of us
who would rather die
in an icy avalanche,
or in a grizzly’s
unforgiving embrace,
or maybe like Bierce,
in a revolution
of our own choosing,
or better yet ??
making love
on a mountaintop,
trading verses from Neruda
with a sexy inamorata/o
while clouds
glimmer overhead
like pink orchids,
and the setting sun
takes almost everything,

Motivation: Both my parents died in bed, so this poem is a rebellion -- I want something more.

Bio: Paul Hellweg has felt his whole life as if he didn’t belong. Then a few months ago he discovered a whole new world of kindred spirits in the poetry universe, both online and at readings throughout the Los Angeles area. He’s thrilled to have finally found a place where he fits in just fine.

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