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Two from Avis Hickman-Gibb


Abscence of Hope





That’s a scary word.  When they first said it to me, I didn’t take it in.


“Jenny’s gone missing.”


I heard the words, but they didn’t connect in my head.  My little girl was just not here; she was at school – like all her friends.  What did they mean – missing?  What was she missing?  Her home; her lunch; a tooth – me - what?


Then the sense of those words hit me.  It flooded over me like a storm tide. The panic of inaction set in.  What were they doing about it?  Where had they looked?  Was she hurt somewhere and couldn’t get to me?  What were they doing about it? 


The police were very kind – very understanding.  They deal with this kind of thing all the time.  Their routine was very…soothing.  But inside I was screaming.  Eventually they stopped calling.


 Everyone said best to get on with life.


But now I have no warmth or joy, no day or night, no peace - just a complete absence of hope. 







Only the Wind and Me


“Mummy push me high. Mummy catch me low” she’d squeal in delight - laughing eyes bright.

Her fat little hands clutching the ropes - legs flapping on the rise, shoes scraping gravel on the down.

Faint echoes of her voice linger – streaming away on the wind. Nothing left to do, no purpose now to my empty days, weeks, years – no bedtime stories required at night. No child’s hug to reward my work. My baby girl stepped off the world and left me, alone.

That day there were two lives cut short - with only me and the wind left to remember.



BIO:AVIS HICKMAN-GIBB lives in rural Suffolk, England.  She has had a wide range of life experience. She earned a BSc. in Environmental Chemistry more years ago than she cares to admit and worked in the fledgling computer industry while still a babe-in-arms.  AVIS lives with her husband, son and two cats.  She’s the only female in the house, and this makes her feel so special!  She’s had stories published in Every Day Fiction and has shined here aas well. She is currently working on a book of short stories, and is addicted to writing flash fiction. 


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"It was an exercise in exploring the nature of grief, how one might react to bereavement.  I wanted to capture the sense of abandonment and loss of purpose."