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Sylvia Hiven

I have a dark life.

I painted it black long ago, decorating it tastefully with lacy grief
and velvet despair. At night, I close the windows and hide under heavy
covers. There, I plot with my misery.

When I lay down to sleep, despair gently kisses me goodnight.

But in the morning, something else caresses me awake.

It's her.
She slips pretty, jumbled scents into my nostrils and pushes music intomy ears. She somersaults into my bedroom on bright sun rays. She'severywhere.

I fight her. I bullet-proof my heart and inoculate my thoughts against
her. Still, she tugs at me eagerly, asking me to dance.

My feet twitch sometimes. On occasion, the corners of my mouth curl intoa smile―but I catch myself. And I chase her away.

Go away, Hope. Just leave me be.

I may have a dark life... but that is how I like it.


 Bio:The story is about those flashes of human inertia we all experience.

Sylvia Hiven lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her fiction has previously appeared in AlienSkin Magazine, Every Day Fiction, Absent Willow Review, and more.

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