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Different Roads by Wynne Huddelston


in memory of Marcia Wilson Boyd
and C.J. & Crystal Harrison

Dear God,

Please let me wake up
to something different;

when the sun rises high at noon
let it be pink or green—
anything but hot yellow;

let the cattle in the pasture
sing like birds instead of that
awful dull moo;

let cats tell us what they are
thinking when they stare
so mysteriously;

let dark clouds become silver
helicopters that fly us up
to take a bite of chocolate moon;

and bring us down softly to grass
made of gold feathers instead
of hard beds of brown mounded
dirt and pillows of gray

stone. Or, forget all of that if only
You would go back
to that fateful day and delay
their journey to church,
or have the drunk driver take
a different road.

But if you canÂ’t do either, I pray
YouÂ’ll give me strength to make it through
each lonely day, the wisdom to stay on
the right road, and the hope that IÂ’ll meet
them again in such a beautiful place.

Motivation: Different Roads is about two wrecks in which drunk drivers killed (1) my best friend and (2) two little cousins. Both wrecks happened when they were on their way to church.

Bio: Wynne Huddelston is a poet, church musician and elementary music teacher with a Master of Music Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.  A member of the Mississippi Writers Guild, her poetry has been published in Emerald Tales, “Winter Solstice,”  in Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream, and is forthcoming in the 2010 autumn issue of THEMA.

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