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Hugh Aaron


As I entered the spacious foyer of the old stone building I heard only the sound of my footsteps on the shiny tile floor and a faint melody floating through the air from a distant room. My friend Curt had said, "She's there every afternoon. Just follow the music."


I started climbing the wide staircase toward the melody, then hesitated. "Damn fool," I thought to myself. "Don't get involved. Leave. She's spinning a web to lure me in." I turned, fled down the stairs, across the shiny floor to the door and stopped as a crescendo of high piano notes caught my ear. As if they were attached to me, I swung around and headed back up the staircase. How could I resist seeing the source of such beautiful music? Whoever could play like this was worth the risk.


The risk? What risk? I followed the sound into a vast room with high windows through which shimmering sunlight shone on an enormous oriental carpet. In a corner beside the far window I saw a young woman bent over the piano keys; her face was surrounded by brown hair that tumbled down to her shoulders. The air seemed flooded with music that came from her soul. I sank into a low chair against a wall, away from her sight, listened and watched.  Finally, she turned towards me, met my eyes, smiled and continued playing. I was transfixed. My infatuation was overwhelming. I had fallen instantly in love. Crazy, stupid, ridiculous, but I was helpless as if she had woven a spell.


She continued playing for the next half hour until a middle aged grey haired man entered the room. She stopped as he approached and rose from the piano bench to greet him. "Excellent," he said. "You're playing it exactly as I taught you." Ah, he's her teacher. He reached his arm around her waist, clasped her to him and kissed her on the lips. She clung to him, not wanting the kiss to end. Releasing her, he closed the keyboard, and said, "Come to my place tonight." Hand in hand they left the room. I heard their footsteps crossing the tile floor below then silence. Suddenly, I felt more alone than I had ever been as a part of me died.


HUGH AARON shares...


HUGH AARON, born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a graduate of The University of Chicago where his professors encouraged him to pursue a literary career. However, he made his living as CEO of his own manufacturing business while continuing to write. Since he sold his business in 1984 he has devoted full time to his writing resulting so far in two novels, a travel memoir, a short story collection, two collections of business essays, a book of movie reviews, a child’s book and a letter collection. The Wall Street Journal also published eighteen of his articles on business management and one on World War II. Many of his books can be found at is his second appearance in SHINE!

He has written ten full length and ten one-act stageplays, and two screenplays. His collection of five novellas entitled QUINTET was recently published. Most of his plays deal with contemporary issues, several have had readings at local libraries, churches, and in private homes and some are scheduled for full stagings in 2007. The author resides in mid-coast Maine with his artist wife.

Visit his website: where readers can find reviews and reader comments on his books and a list of his plays.