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Ian Adam Bravestone




Butterflies and hummingbirds

spiral from heaven,
dizzied in jealousy


with every taste of

nectar borrowed--


when I nurse

the orchid

between your thighs.



Ian Adam Bravestone thinks serious poetry is not just for academics, but  could regain common support, if poets would start writing about issues that real people deal with.  He proudly claims to be one of America’s  “pedestrian” poets, and writes with a passion that is easily absorbed by everyday people. He says  he’s successful, if people “feel” his poetry, as others  do when they see a Master’s painting.
 Bravestone authored the book: Taste the Textures (Lulu Press, 2007) and promotes it as a book that will help people understand the confusing, sensual mind of men.  Romantic, sensual and erotic poetry is his favorite  genre.  He believes love, sexuality, and human forms displayed in fine-art shouldn’t be dismissed as fornications or pornography but should be embraced as healthy, beautiful and holy.  He hopes his book will be widely accepted by “pedestrians” and academics alike as an attempt to add value to love and loving, in our culture which diminishes such values.


"Nectar is the product of a poem he wrote under another title, and  work-shopped on Alsop’s forum for poetic critiquing.  The  inspiration for the poem was from a moment of lovemaking and the  subsequent feeling that all of heaven probably stirs with envy when  mankind enjoys authentic, human passion. Nectar’s style is loosely borrowed from movements in traditional Japanese erotic poetry."
Bravestone lives on the west coast with his wife of 25 years and five,  nearly-grown children.  Taste the Textures can be previewed at: