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Ian Adam Bravestone

When clouds canvass the sky,
when oceans roll upon the sand,
when roses scent the wind,

ego becomes vestige.

Color me with your fingers,
bathe me with your lips,
perfume me with your whispers;

then I’ll be redeemed.


©2007 Ian Adam Bravestone



IAN ADAM BRAVESTONE hails from the West Coast of the USA.  He believes that good poetry is not just for the academic community. Poetry should be made more tangible for "pedestrian" readers, or for anyone who shares a common experience.  His popular book of sensual poetry, Taste the Textures has been released as a second edition and paperback version.

Bravestone also develops dimensional photography for illustration and enhancement of his writing, and has produced several poetry calendars and original prints for collectors.  His work is often found as a fusion of fine art and free verse poetry.  Bravestone's most recent publications can be previewed at: Bravestone Art and Poetry -


"I was thinking of how small I am, when nature does its art in front of me- when it shows its passion.And I realized that my egocentric ways are nothing but scrap, until I recognize love and beauty. Tender, human intimacy redeems us from our selfishness and from our occasional sense of smallness or abandonment."